About Us

Mistequay Group offers a variety of manufacturing and custom engineered solutions to solve the most complex challenges. We offer high precision contract manufacturing with a focus on low to medium runs of highly complex machined components ranging from prototype to production. Mistequay also has two specialized product lines; Driveline Solutions and Linear Motion Solutions. Driveline focuses on both custom designed constant velocity half-shafts and prop-shafts for commercial, military and specialty vehicles while offering a catalog of commercial off-the-shelf joints for commercial, marine and industrial applications. Linear Motion focuses on specially designed, precision ballscrews for both commercial and military aerospace applications.

Mistequay also offers a variety of other specialized technical services including reverse engineering/PMA support, rapid prototyping utilizing 3-D printing, and a NADCAP accredited non-destructive testing laboratory. Mistequay’s design and manufacturing engineers combined with a team of highly-skilled technicians and machinists make us your best choice as a fully-integrated solutions provider.

Mistequay Group, Ltd. was founded in 1991 and has grown from a 20-employee organization to over 200 employees through strategic growth opportunities, mergers and acquisitions. Mistequay currently utilizes approximately 225,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space in multiple locations including four in Michigan and one in Pakistan.

Mistequay’s headquarters are located in Saginaw, Michigan. The Saginaw Valley is known for its Native American ancestry along with a rich manufacturing heritage dating back more than 125 years. The name Mistequay is derived from the Chippewa word for the “stone working area” on Misteguay Creek located in the Saginaw Valley.

Mistequay is an AS9100 registered facility for both design and manufacturing with a NADCAP accredited non-destructive testing laboratory. All domestic facilities are ITAR compliant.

Mission Statement

“To perform beyond customer expectations where the integrity of our products and services offer customers more value than they expect to receive. We achieve this through precision, quality, delivery, and cost effectiveness under the scope of continuous improvement. We work tirelessly to build on our history of product excellence and technology innovation to provide the highest quality and most reliable products and services to our world-wide customers. We provide work environments where our employees can meet their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence. We have come to understand that we succeed because our customers succeed.”

Services Include

Machining Solutions

High Precision Contract Manufacturing

Driveline Solutions

Custom engineered CV half shafts and prop shafts commercial, military & specialty vehicles

Linear motion solutions

Custom engineered precision ball screws for commercial & military aerospace

Engineering and Technical Services

Pma/Reverse engineering, Rapid prototyping & Non-destructive testing


Quality Promise

“Mistquay Group, Ltd. is dedicated to exceeding the needs and expectations or our customers in the manufacture of precision machined products using modern management, equipment and technology. We are committed to the continual improvement of our products, services and the effectiveness of our Quality Management System to achieve increased customer satisfaction. We ensure compliance with the requirements of our Quality Management System through review of our quality objectives and adjusting for suitability as necessary.”


  • AS9100D
  • Certif3