Linear Motion Solutions

linear-motion-headerMistequay Group is a leading manufacturer of custom designed, precision ballscrews for both commercial and military aerospace. Our staff is dedicated to the design and manufacture of world class aerospace ballscrews. Mistequay fills the niche of offering unmatched service coupled with exceptional on-time delivery. Our engineers are available to assist with anything from a clean sheet new design and/or integration to the optimization of existing designs to the production of legacy designs. We offer accurate load and life analysis coupled with expert material and heat treat options. Involving Mistequay at the earliest stage of the design will pay large dividends in the long haul. Our team will put forth the most optimized, cost-effective solution to fulfill your most complex linear motion application. By involving our team early in the process, our engineers can identify key cost drivers and potential technical pit-falls along with lead-time obstacles. In addition to design engineering, we also offer FAA-PMA Approval Process support along with complete reverse engineering services coupled with Repair & Overhaul consultation.

Our engineers are able to apply 65+ years of application experience and market knowledge to solve your most complex design challenge. Mistequay design engineers utilize both Siemens NX® and Dassault Systemes’ CATIA® with analysis backed by NASTRAN® Finite Element Analysis software.

Mistequay’s ballscrew manufacturing is housed within our state-of-the-art AS9100 manufacturing facilities equipped with the latest machine tool and metrology equipment. Our ballscrew facility is equipped with CNC thread grinders, staffed by machinists with 30 years of manufacturing experience. Our manufacturing facility focuses on complex, high-mix, highly-processed products in low to medium-sized releases, thereby making ballscrews a very integral part of our product portfolio.

Our Capabilities

At a glance, Mistequay offers:

  • Custom-engineered solutions for your specific application requirements
  • Prototype through production engineering and manufacturing capabilities
  • NASTRAN® Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Siemens NX® solid modeling software
  • CATIA V5® solid modeling software
  • Expert material selection utilizing both legacy and exotic materials
  • High Nitrogen Martensitic Stainless Steels (Cronidur 30 & Bohler N360)
  • Carburizing Grade Stainless Steels
  • Manufacturing of existing/legacy designs (build to print)
  • Optimization of existing designs; next generation materials, sealing improvements, increasing capacity/life
  • Complex multi-start and multi-extend designs
  • Multiple redundancy including deflector, load rod, and secondary nut designs
  • Expert designers of internal and external return systems
  • Effective solutions for wiping and sealing ballscrews to maximize life
  • High-temperature applications up to 800˚F
  • Lightweight, hollow screws including complex “bottle” bores
  • Complete SCD along with design/stress report
  • Acceptance & Qualification Test Plans
  • FAA-PMA – reverse engineering support
  • Sizes range from .1875″ to 6″ ball circle diameters

Whether it’s a custom ballscrew designed for your specific application or a “build to print” legacy design, Mistequay is the leading choice for precision commercial and military aerospace ballscrews. We can produce anything from one-off custom designs, to low volume pre-production development hardware up to and including production quantities supplied on multi-year long term agreements. With our commitment to exceptional quality, delivery and responsiveness, we welcome you to experience the Mistequay difference.

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Our Applications

Mistequay’s Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Typical Flight Control Applications
    • Primary Flight Controls
      • Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuator (HSTA)
    • High Lift
      • Leading Edge Slats
      • Trailing Edge Flaps (TEF)
      • Spoiler
      • Aileron
      • Thrust Reversers (TR)
      • Rudder
      • Wing Sweep / Pylon Conversion
      • Landing Gear
      • Braking
  • Rotor Applications
    • Prop Pitch
    • Prop Clutch
    • Elevator
    • Rudder
  • Accessory Applications
    • Cargo Handling
    • Canopy Actuation
    • Ejection Systems
    • Door Latches
    • Seat Actuation
  • Defense System Applications
    • Missile Fin Controls
    • Missile Elevation
    • Gun Turret Controls
  • Ground Support Equipment
    • Satellite Positioning
    • Kneel Position for Transport
    • Jet Bridge Elevation
  • Multi-Extend Applications
    • Missile Silo
    • Satellite Positioning
  • Miniature Ballscrew Applications
    • Missile Fin Controls
    • Cargo Bay Accessories
    • Door Latch Mechanisms
    • Sighting Devices

Efficiency Testing

Mistequay’s assembly and testing laboratory is a clean and modern facility, staffed with experienced assembly/ testing technicians. Our PLC controlled Bauer efficiency stand can actively measure efficiency down the entire stroke of the assembly, complete with chart plotting. Our maximum capacity is 6000 pounds of tension and compression with a maximum speed of 1200 RPM. Our test stand measures both tension and compression efficiency in real time, along with the ability to measure axial lash at various positions along the screw axis. Mistequay can also test and measure back-driving efficiencies including torque testing, both loaded and unloaded, while also measuring break-away torque.